Down the Docks

The Salsa Congress Packing List

Partly for my use, and partly for the use of anyone going to their first salsa congress, here’s a list of what I try to take. It assumes that you’re going to a congress on a Friday evening, staying until Monday morning, and trying to do pretty much everything that’s on in the meantime.


  • Two comfortables changes of clothes for lessons during the day.
  • Another change of clothes, warm and comfortable for Monday morning.
  • Enough changes of top to get through three nights of dancing.


  • Two pairs of dancing shoes – do you know what the floor will be like? Can you spend all day and all night in one pair?
  • Spare laces.
  • Comfortable non-dancing shoes.

Other Dance Stuff

  • Shoe bag or other small bag for use at lessons or in the evenings.
  • Drinks bottle for the same.
  • Plasters, vaseline and ibuprofen.
  • Suede brush.
  • Talc.

The Rest

  • A really loud alarm clock.
  • Video camera, a blank tape, the charger, and a wide-angle lens.
  • Still camera and battery charger.
  • Mobile phone and charger.
  • Multi-plug for all those chargers.
  • Cash and credit card.
  • Food, particularly if you’re going to Blackpool.
  • Congress and/or hotel booking info.
  • Toiletries.

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