Down the Docks

February 26, 2007

Los Van Van @ Hammersmith Palais

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Friday saw the world’s biggest timba band in Hammersmith’s “world-famous” Palais.



February 21, 2007

Title Change

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Yes, I changed the title of the blog. I don’t live anywhere near Ealing anymore: I’ve crossed London (the best city in the world), and now I live in Surrey Quays. This area used to be known as Surrey Docks, hence the new title. I reckon I’ll get bored with it fairly quickly, plus the Blackadder reference makes it sound a bit gay…

Brit SalsaFest II

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It’s too long ago now to write a meaningful review, so instead I will just give a few impressions of the congress.


February 19, 2007

Moving Flat pt IV: Settling

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The amount of local knowledge needed to live a relatively pain-free existence is substantial.


February 7, 2007

Cha Cha Chá and SQL

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Recently I was listening to Ismael Rivera’s Arrecotin Arrecotan while updating some databases. Two things became very obvious to me:

  • I love cha cha music.
  • I wish I was back at the BritFest.

The main problem I have with dancing cha cha is that I don’t think my posture and movement is up to the challenge. It doesn’t stop me trying though

Since I can’t go back to the BritFest for a year, I thought I might try the Madrid congress. Its schedule looks a bit more civilised than UK congresses: there are no classes before two in the afternoon.

February 6, 2007

Moving Flat pt III: Aftermath

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It took four days, two of them off work, to get moved from Ealing to Surrey Quays. My schoolboy error was to hire a large car rather than a large van. The amount of time it takes to drive across London is ridiculous, and I would have been much better off taking a vehicle that could hold everything I wanted to move, and making only one trip.

Freecycle is a great thing for getting rid of unwanted stuff quickly without sending it to landfill. Friends who will help you move are invaluable. Being offline at home for any length of time is a serious problem. Packing for congresses while still living out of boxes is a pain. I really like my new place, but I’ll like it a lot more in a week or so when it’s properly organised.

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