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January 6, 2008

No BritSalsaFest

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It’s just disappointing. I enjoyed it in 2006, but it was amazing in 2007 – easily the best congress I went to in the UK that year.

Whoever ends up with the ball, please let’s do it again in 2009.


April 25, 2007

All Quiet on the Blog Front

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Well, it’s an entire month since I posted anything, and that last post wasn’t much. The only thing I want to say right now is, it’s the 5 Star Congress 2007 this weekend, and I’ve surprised myself by leaving the booking to the last minute this time. I’ll be staying in the Renaissance rather than the Radisson, which means I’ll have a three-minute walk to and from the hotel. I need a holiday. This, I’m sure, will be fantastic.

February 26, 2007

Los Van Van @ Hammersmith Palais

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Friday saw the world’s biggest timba band in Hammersmith’s “world-famous” Palais.


February 21, 2007

Brit SalsaFest II

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It’s too long ago now to write a meaningful review, so instead I will just give a few impressions of the congress.


December 18, 2006

The Image Problem

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Salsa has a terrible image problem.


October 11, 2006


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Belatedly, I had my thirtieth birthday party on Saturday. It was a joint party with a friend from university. Pictures after the fold.



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It’s tricky, but someone in my family seems to have the knack.


October 1, 2006

UK Salsa Congress 2006

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Another UK Congress. Where to start?


September 18, 2006

Congress Time

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The UK Salsa Congress starts on Friday, and the workshop schedules have just been posted (in PDF format – boo!). Is it me, or are the workshops running shorter than last year? Also, the Brit SalsaFest has just opened for bookings.

Salsa UK’s survival guide is not very helpful, so I’ll have to start making lists. Fortunately I remembered to get some new tapes for the video camera already. Since I’m off work for a few days as well, I think I might book myself in for a massage on the Tuesday after.

August 28, 2006

Salsa! and Cha Cha Chá

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I’ve got a regular DJing slot again, in one of my favourite venues.


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