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February 24, 2008


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In the BBC’s report on Serbian protests over Kosovan independence, a girl by the name of Bojana Vuckovic is quoted as saying, “We don’t want to let it go because it’s ours, even if the majority of people there aren’t Serbian.” The ‘we’ of her statement is presumably Serbians. The majority of the people on the march would presumably agree to that statment or something similar.

What’s interesting is what ‘ours’ means in that sentence. I am no expert, but I guess that large parts of Kosovo are privately owned, and that neither the old Serbian nor the new Kosovan government would claim ownership of them. However, those governments would claim that their laws extend over that land. The ownership that Bojana is talking about is being in charge of, rather than having exclusive rights to.

So what I’m left thinking is that Bojana believes that, no matter who buys the land of Kosovo, Serbia must remain in charge. Even when Kosovo is 90% or more ethnic Albanian, Serbia must be in charge. I doubt that it’s cost-effective for Serbia to rule a land that doesn’t want to be ruled. So in the absence of an economic motive, why do some Serbs want so badly to be in charge of Kosovo?


May 22, 2007

Cameron Steps Up Attacks on Own Party

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Look! David Cameron uses “right-wing” as a slur on his own party. He’s trying to make the phrase dirty by association, or accepting that it already is.

May 5, 2006

Local Elections

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What a lovely day it was yesterday. Who wouldn't want a pleasant five-minute stroll to their polling station, to indulge in the shaping of their government?

Well, probably more than sixty percent of the population. Non-voters really wind me up.

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