Down the Docks

June 30, 2006

Going Live

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One of the many things that goes by the way when you spend more and more of your time on a project that’s due to release soon is blogging. It’s in good company, alongside things like sleeping properly, eating healthily, and much joie de vivre.

Tomorrow morning I am going to add Death March, by Ed Yourdon, to my reading list.


June 20, 2006

Met Humour

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How many Met officers does it take to attend a single car stop when the driver and both passengers are co-operating?


June 13, 2006

Conga and Tumba

Filed under: Music — ealing @ 12:32 pm

My drums arrived on Thursday. I've been having fun.


Salsa in the Heat

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Both SOS and Bar Salsa seem to be less busy than usual at the moment. I guess that people are wary of dancing in the current heat wave. It's working out very well for me though: although the venues are still hot, they are comparatively uncrowded, but most of the peopleI want to dance with are still turning up. Apart from the fact that I should be making two or three shirt changes per night, it's great.

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