Down the Docks

July 30, 2006

“Is this your car, sir?”

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I get more familiar with being stopped by the police.



July 28, 2006

More Power

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In response to my entry on power a couple of months ago, my loyal reader writes:

“[W]hy are you against biomass? I thought it a rather good idea. Secondly, I think there is another promising technology that you’ve not mentioned. Micro-generation. It invloves people generating electricity from their own gas boilers in their houses and then supplying this back to the grid. Apparently, “the grid” in it’s current form is inefficient and this would help a lot. Also, I think it makes individula boilers more efficient.”


July 27, 2006

Hamburg Salsa Congress

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Okay, so I finally went abroad for a salsa congress.


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