Down the Docks

February 10, 2008

Better Booze

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Pretty much all of my male friends of my age like real ale and good wine. Pretty much all of them started out as indiscrimate pissheads. The switch from one to the other has two main steps in it, I think:

  1. Having responsibilities – chiefly, having to be awake, sober and somewhere other than bed at nine in the morning.
  2. Having more money – so beer with a premium of 30% or more (off the top of my head) doesn’t seem so unreasonable.

What I want to know is, in the absence of those two drivers, how many indiscriminate pissheads would become connoiseurs of wine and ale? Have we convinced ourselves that we like them because we know we can’t get slaughtered every night?

A counterexample would be a British male who had the opportunity to get plastered regularly on cheap booze, but who passed it up for restraint and more expensive drinks. I can think of no-one who falls into this category.


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