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February 2, 2008

Resolution Review – One Month

Filed under: Resolutions — ealing @ 10:14 pm

So far so good. The crush at the gym has lasted longer than I thought, so I guess I had underestimated the staying power of some of the new faces. Taken in the original order:

  • My weight is down again. The calorie counting, gym trips and swimming are gradually working. The only problems have been when eating out, or snacking after drinking.
  • The blogging is ongoing, as you can see here or at my Oracle blog. I’ve remembered now something I had previously forgotten: writing a well-researched, clear article is difficult and time-consuming.
  • Getting up early is now pretty much habit. I sometimes have to remind myself to do something other with the time than read Bloglines!
  • I’ve cut back on the booze. It’s particularly important when you’re also trying to count calories. Only two exceptions to the six-unit rule so far, despite being tempted a few times.
  • The Spanish is going fairly well, but would be going better if I actually made an effort outside of the class.
  • Budgeting needs more attention.

If it wasn’t for one epic fail of a weekend, I’d have done almost perfectly on the first four points. Good weekend though! So the only two that need serious work are the last two. Let’s see how I do in February.


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