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January 19, 2008

Half-On the Wagon

Filed under: Resolutions — ealing @ 1:40 am

I said this year I would try to avoid drinking more than six units of alcohol in a day. I’ve been teetotal for months at a time before, and it’s never been a problem. Alcohol is like Pringles or chocolate raisins – the real challenge isn’t refusing the first one, it’s refusing the third or fourth one.

Half of the reason I want to drink less is to lower and keep track of the calories I consume. The other half of the reason is that I want to avoid that day after feeling: even after the hangover’s gone, I still feel washed-out, and I can’t summon the willpower to do anything more than lounge around. But who doesn’t like a good glass of red, or a decent beer? Truth be told, I like most kinds of alcohol, I enjoy the taste and the relaxing effect of the first couple of drinks. It’s even good for the heart.

So I don’t want to cut it out completely, but I don’t want to drink so much that I spend half of the next day with a headache, or wondering if I should leave the flat. The time I’m least able to resist a drink is after I’ve already had two. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll solve this problem, but I’ll probably start by interspersing non-alcoholic drinks in between the booze. Of all the things I resolved to do this year, I think this one will probably be hardest to stick with.



  1. That’s really interesting to me! I’ve never had trouble moderating my alcohol intake. Sometimes I choose to get ratted but mostly a flag goes up in my head once I’m pleasantly tipsy and I automatically switch to soft drinks. I do however have trouble with just about everything that does require willpower!

    You could try inserting a soft drink after every two alcoholic ones. Then, psychologically speaking you are not drinking less, denying yourself something, you’re merely maintaining hydration. Of course a side effect is that you will drink less over the whole evening, plus you will establish a different pattern of drinking that will weaken the influence of pure habit and increase the feeling of freedom to choose hard or soft.

    Comment by sweavo — January 21, 2008 @ 10:31 am

  2. What I did last night, that worked well, was staying on soft drinks until the food arrived. Then I didn’t find myself regularly draining my glass.

    I think the problem stems from my student days, where, like most, I drank like a fish. My first couple of months with a nine-to-five job were a rude awakening!

    These days I drink much less overall, and much less on a given night, than I used to. Still, though, if there’s a drink in front of me (alcoholic or otherwise) I just find myself reaching for it every couple of minutes, and soon enough it’s empty.

    Comment by ealing — January 21, 2008 @ 1:39 pm

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