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January 13, 2008

The Family Trade, by Charles Stross

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Charles Stross is one of my favourite current authors, but I’d shied away from this one because it had a “fantasy” label on it. I should have known better.

Some people can move from one universe to another when they look at particular patterns. The universe that the heroine travels to (and back from) is developmentally medieval. That’s the fantasy part.

Part of the plot is the a re-run of a character realising they were born to some massive destiny. The rest is politics, economics, violence and romance mashed together into a thriller. I’m not really one for thrillers, and this probably hampered my enjoyment of the book; the plot tangles were getting a bit thick for me to follow in places. Still, Stross’s normal exciting pace is kept up almost throughout, and the book is littered with intriguing ideas.

If you’ve read Srross before, you’ll probably like it, although it’s not as good as The Atrocity Archives or Singularity Sky. If you haven’t read any Stross yet, and you like scifi full of impressive ideas, I suggest you first start with Accelerando, which is available online for free.


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