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January 8, 2007

Moving Flat pt II: The Job

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I still hate moving. Now I actually have to do it.

Despite knowing that I needed to move, I excused myself from finding somewhere for months. The process of looking is very depressing, which made it too easy to put off for a while. Once I started looking, I discovered that my hopes for price, size and location were a little unrealistic. After a few days of searching, though, I found a reasonable enough compromise, and I’ll be moving to Surrey Quays at the end of the month.

Because the place I’m moving to is slightly smaller, I’m going to have to start by disposing of some clutter. I need to start by getting a lot of stuff onto eBay, then giving away, recycling or binning what can’t be sold. A few things that can’t come with me won’t be disposed of, and will have to be stored at my Mum’s place for a year or so. Everything that is coming with me needs to be boxed or bagged, taken down three flights of stairs, be driven ten miles across London, and then carried up four flights of stairs. Should be good exercise, anyway.

I’m actually looking forward to a serious de-clutter. My immediate task is to get my current room rented out to someone else before I leave, but it’s such a mess I wouldn’t want anyone to see it.

My new MP will be Simon Hughes, who must be more effective than Piara Khabra, my current MP.


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