Down the Docks

August 28, 2006

Autobiographical Review

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I’m within a month of thirty. Here’s the executive summary of how it’s going.

At different times I have had:

  1. A voracious, omnivorous, enquiring mind (sixth form)
  2. An esprit de corp (school and undergraduate)
  3. A hectic social life (undergraduate)
  4. A self-destructive apathy (undergraduate)
  5. A desparate need to move on (first and second jobs)
  6. A dedication to study (postgraduate)
  7. A very fit and healthy body (postgraduate)
  8. Another loss of focus (third job)
  9. A more determined attitude to work (now)
  10. A consciously positive attitude to the future (now)

And here’s what I’ve learned:

  • All good things come to an end
  • All bad things come to an end
  • I’m obsessive
  • Opportunities keep coming up
  • Floss. No, really
  • A positive outlook can be learned
  • Fitness is easy, but time-consuming
  • Much advice is too rooted in the interests of the giver to be useful
  • Betting on youself is generally a good idea

So what I need to do know is to juggle all of the good balls simultaneously, to feed my mind, train my body, work hard and keep a busy social calendar. Right now I don’t think I’ve got the energy for it, but that’s because I’m not nearly physically fit enough. I’ve done these things before, and I can do them again. I had no money and now I have savings and a mortgage. I had no prospects and now I’m off to work in the financial sector.

There are two other things that need to be sorted as well – my love life, and my long-term goals. I don’t have either at the moment, and this needs to change.


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