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July 30, 2006

“Is this your car, sir?”

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I get more familiar with being stopped by the police.

I only get behind the wheel a couple of times a year, so my driving is not that good. I’d cut across a mini-roundabout, and exited it right next to a police car. I was pretty sure I was going to be pulled over when I saw him turn around at the roundabout in my mirror.

The officer explained to me what I’d done wrong, told me that the offence could get me three points on my licence, and then let me on my way just as another patrol car arrived. After last month’s stop, I’d worked up a healthy dislike for the Met, but this officer was as courteous as he could be while telling me not to do it again. Given that he had me bang to rights, and wasn’t being rude, I don’t think I’d have minded much if he’d actually tried to get those points put on my licence.

This was in Harrogate, so maybe it’s just the Met that hates everybody. I’m just confused by the officer’s opening line, “Is this your car, sir?”. It wasn’t – I’d rented it a few hours previously – but what was he expecting me to say anyway?


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  1. They always start with that one!

    I used to live with a girl whose parents had let her have her deceased aunt’s car. One night she took a train to leeds, got pissed, then on the return journey woke up having missed her stop. So I got a drunken phone call at stupid o’clock, threw on some trainers and a sleeping-bag into the car for her on the return journey, and set off for Northallerton if I recall correctly. The car had a busted tail light and they were training new officers so I was pulled over, hald asleep, possibly in my dressing gown, and asked “is this your car sir?”

    “yes… er no, it’s my girlfriend’s”
    “can you tell me what the registration number is?”
    “uh… nope”


    To cap it all, the stroke of midnight happened while they were filling in the time and date, so when I went into the station next day to show them my details, they said “this hasn’t happened yet! it says 11:59 pm on today’s date!”

    Comment by sweavo — July 30, 2006 @ 6:43 pm

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