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March 17, 2006

Web 0.2

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There’s been lots of talk over the last few months about “Web 2.0”, which features lots of new buzzwords and a desperate desire for the web boom to happen again. While finding background material for a post I’ll eventually write, I found what appears to be a genuine ten-year-old web page.

Although I’d known it intellectually, it’s a bizarre thought that the web, and my own experience of it, is over ten years old. I used it once a few months before I went to university in 1995, and was regularly using it as soon as I got there.

My ancient find is hosted on Geocities, a stalwart old supplier of space for rubbish personal home pages1. It has an animated GIF as an email link. There’s a marble-effect picture to use as a horizontal rule, which is only 640 pixels wide. The page has a black background, and font colour varies wildly across the page; the blue is very hard to read against the background. Undoubtedly the best feature, though, is the use of the blink tag, one of the most annoying things ever to come out of Netscape.

At this point, I was going to go on to mention all the things I miss about the old WWW, but about the only example I could come up with was the Lyrics Database. Although I don’t think there’s anything as centralised these days, you can easily sidestep that issue by using Google. The modern web of massive search engines, open source browsers, RSS feeds and blogs with everything really is in an improvement.

Any reminiscences on the early WWW you’d care to share?

1These days, no-one has a rubbish personal home page, they have a nearly unread blog instead.


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