Down the Docks

March 3, 2006


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One of the reasons I started a blog was to learn, or re-learn, to write. I studied what the English-educated would call “essay subjects” throughout school and university, but am now doing a job that rarely calls for serious prose writing.

When I see something I’m interested in, or read something new, my reaction is to ask myself questions about it, and try to fit it into a framework of existing knowledge. This is not a structured procedure, and does not lend itself to being written out. A good piece of prose has a theme and a structure, and does not consist of one wild tangent after another.

So the exercise is one of discipline, staying on track, and knowing where to trim. I have a dozen blog entries now that I have started, saved, but not published. A few of them are not really interesting enough to make an entry in themselves, but more of them are unpublished because I can’t decide how to approach the topics in a presentable way.

I’ll get to it.


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