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February 13, 2006

Building a Home Fileserver pt III: Networking and Applications

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So – the new machine boots, but it doesn’t do much more. Time for some applications.

First though, I want the noisy thing out of my room, so it won’t keep me awake at night. I like Linux firewalls, and I trust them more than the one on my ISPs ADSL modem. Becasue of this, I want to route IP through the machine, and hook my desktop up to the fileserver, for additonal protection from Internet nasties.

This is a fairly straightforward procedure, or at least I think it is because I’ve done it before. I just dug out my old firewall script and ran it on the new machine to check that it worked. With a few minor corrections for new network addresses and non-printable characters, this was fine. The only extra step was too add a call to the script to the etc/rc2.d directory. I use this command to find my dynamically assigned IP. There’s probably a faster way, this is just the first way I thought of:

/sbin/ifconfig | sed ‘2!d;s/^[ ^t]*inet addr://;s/[ ^t].*//’

Once I had rebooted the machine, and seen IP forwarding happen, I moved it out to its new home by the telephone. It’s connected to my desktop machine with 15m of cat 5e crossover cable, so the two machines claim to be connected at 1 Gbps. How fast it is in practice, I can’t be bothered to benchmark.

Since it is now redundant, I powered off my old firewall, which had an uptime of about 230 days. The new box (called chino, after the awesome Chino Nunez) has an uptime of two days so far.

Next I really want to get email sorted out, which means cyrus, exim, fetchmail, possibly procmail, squirrelmail or another web client, and finally holding my own MX-record in the DNS system. The first step, though, has to be cyrus, as I can’t start using anything until I can move my old mail. So far cyrus has not been co-operative.


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  1. Cyrus is the most unfathomable thing ever. The only reason I’m going to keep my current firewall/email machine until I die is because I can’t face re-learning Cyrus to configure it on a new server.

    Comment by Jonathan Beeston — February 13, 2006 @ 9:57 pm

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