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February 8, 2006

A Programmer Should Know Better

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I disappointed myself immensely last night while putting together my new bed.

I’d ordered something from Bedworld a few weeks previously. Although they’re a bit on the slow side, they actually had stuff that I didn’t hate on sight. After putting the frame up, I then had to attach the slats that support the mattress to the frame.

There were twelve slats, and rails on the frame that are slightly shorter than the frame itself. I screwed one slat into place at each end of the rails, which left ten more slats to put in place. Using a tape measure and the back of an envelope, I worked out the spacing for the remaining slats, and then started to place them without screwing them down.

You all know, of course, that it didn’t look right once I had placed most of the slats. You all know that this is a real world instance of the classic fence post error. Placing ten slats between two that are already fixed means working out how much space is required for ten slats and eleven gaps. I wouldn’t have been as annoyed at myself if I hadn’t started the process by thinking, “Hmm. There’s an opportunity for a fence post error here.”

The only saving grace was that I had had the sense to place them and judge them by eye before screwing them down.


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