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January 24, 2006

BritSalsaFest Part I: The Metropole Sucks

Filed under: Bad Customer Service, Salsa — ealing @ 12:59 pm

After paying cash at the door for the Mambocity 5* congress last year, I decided to save myself money and hassle by booking as early as possible for future congresses. This has not worked as well as hoped.

I booked a room in the Metropole for three nights, and they gave me it for two. I checked back much later, and they said they didn’t have the space to change the reservation, but would let me know if they had a cancellation. Then my room-mate pointed out that the Metropole did have space, at least according to their website.

I called the hotel, explained the situation again, and asked for the room. They said I could have it, but not for free, and not even at a discount, even though they’d got my initial booking wrong. Without a discount, this was more expensive than the price online. So I told them that I’d take the room online instead of over the phone, and the woman I was speaking to threatened to hit me with a £15 fee for “changing the booking” if I called again. So I booked online instead, saving myself about £10 against booking by phone.

Now I just have to stay there for three nights.


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  1. Wow, THAT is sucky service!

    Comment by sweavo — February 8, 2006 @ 5:31 pm

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