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January 1, 2006

New Toy, and that Car Park

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I’ve never owned a camera, neither film nor digital. So one of my most fun Christmas presents has been an Olympus X-705 digital camera.

The X-705 seems identical in appearance and specification to the FE-110. The memory card that ships with it is naturally not big enough but a 512MB card is just a little over £30. The default picture size is an enormous 2560 * 1920 pixels – about enough to fill four high-resolution screens. It’s nice and easy to use – point-and-click gets good results most of the time, and I mastered the remaining features in about five minutes with the manual.

WordPress won’t let me upload a full-sized image, but here are two pictures. The first is of my mobile phone, and was taken using the close-up feature and then cropped. The second is of my car park, and was resized. Don’t you wish you had a view like this?
Close up of mobile phone Quarter-size car park


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  1. […] Secondly, I can’t take decent photos of people dancing salsa with any camera I have or had. I want to get something that looks like dancing and having fun, and that has some energy or movement to it. I also really want to replace the drab photos on Wikipedia’s page about salsa dancing. Latin ART Online have a reasonable go at it, and I like a lot of their photos, but some of them seem quite lifeless. My cameraphones have not dealt well with a combination of movement and darkness, and my little Olympus has a definite pause between pressing the shutter button and taking the photo, which makes it impossible to use for an action shot. The result is this: […]

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