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December 31, 2005

The Last Salsa of 2005

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It never ceases to amaze me that I can be channeling Changó for one track, and then be completely bored by my dancing for the rest of the night. Wednesday 21st at Bar Salsa was like that. I had one fantastic dance to Spanish Harlem’s Cuando te Vea, and the rest of the night was spent vainly trying to recreate that one moment. The combination of a track I know inside out and love, and a partner who’s very easy to dance with, tends to bring out the best of my dancing. Hardly surprising.

On Friday 23rd, I was due to drive home in the evening, and thought I wouldn’t get any dancing in. As it happened, MamboCity was free that night, and I was running late already, so I got half an hour in. It looked like being the best night there for a while, and the four or five dances I had were great. So it was disappointing to have to leave.

Had a quick private when I was up North. My right shoulder won’t stay where it should, my elbow keeps coming up too high, and my head is in the wrong place. That’s actually quite an improvement on where I was a few months ago.

Claves Also while up North, I popped in to J G Windows, who have one of the world’s worst web sites, and bought myself a pair of claves. If it’s good enough for Eddie Torres, it’s good enough for me. The real surprise is just how loud they are.


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