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December 13, 2005

Salsa last week

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Funny how it goes. This time, Mambocity in Ealing was great, SOS was rubbish, and Bar Salsa on Monday was great.

In four years of dancing salsa, I’d stood on any number of toes, been scratched, kicked and punched, dealt out several elbows and a near concussion, and sustained a chronic foot injury. Whatever happened, though, I’d always stayed on my feet, until Friday. My spinning is rarely perfect when sober, so it’s no surprise that it should be underwhelming when I’m drunk. I was following, then doing a shine, then went for a double right spin. Then, oddly, I was supporting a lot of my body weight with my left hand. I got up and finished the dance, with only my partner having seen my quick fall and rise.

I think Jano is a great DJ, and he picks a lot of interesting music. It’s beyond him, and probably anyone else, though, to save SOS when it’s in the rubbish room in the National. I did do a great Lluvia con Nieves, if I say so myself, but a couple of great dances does not make a great night. Note to self: when dancing with people that intimidate you, try to pick tracks you know, so you don’t have to worry too much about the music.

Bar Salsa on Monday was still heaving when I arrived after midnight. The music was great, lots of people I love dancing with were there (even if some lightweights were leaving as I arrived), and the sweat was pouring off me after three tracks. Unusually, my first three or four dances were probably the best of the night. I think it was a combination of energy and really expressing the music. I couldn’t get some of the same movement working even an hour later. The floor cleared a lot after thirty minutes or so, and although my dancing was off a bit, there was still lots of fun to be had. When following I was able to experiment with tension in the shoulders to find the sweet spot. Whether I can recreate that in a few days time is another question.

Also this week I tried Bar Salsa on Wednesday. It was a non-stop Cuban-fest when I turned up (much like the previous Monday, in Mario’s absence, before Shaan took over), but I really liked some of Les’s music that he played after midnight. It’s a pity I don’t get to hear him anywhere else.


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